Stainless Steel Silver Aluminium Card Holder Case Box


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Material: Stainless steel aluminum
Size: About 9.3 X 6 X 0.7 cm
We have six styles for choice: Smooth, Bevel, Horizontal surface, Middle mirror, Cross,  Curved surface

This business card holder is suitable for credit card, identity card and other card types.
Easy to carry and fit in your pocket.
It protects your cards clean and undamaged, and makes your business life convenient and effective.
Stainless steel, high quality durable, polished surface.
Convenient, durability, easy to carry and fit in your pocket, purse, bag.
Keep your cards clean and neat and look professional.
Ideal for business card, credit card, ID card, and any other cards.
Can hold 10-15 business cards depending on the thickness of cards.

Package Includes:
1 X Card Case