40mm Biomimetic Sinking Fishing Lure Crank Bait Bass Hook


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Matetial: ABS, Stainless Steel
Body length:  40mm
Diving depth:  0-100cm
Weight:  4.5g
Style: #2,  #3,  #5

100% Brand New & High Quality in Original Package
Creat life-like swimming actions in water
Smooth and rapid diving action
Bright colors to attract big fish
3D eyes make it a powerful catching tool
Extra Sharp Japanese hooks
Comes with 2 sharp treble hooks
Easy to use due to proper combination of wobbling and rolling
Ideal lure for Bass,Pike, Perch and other predatory fish
Made of ABS & Stainless Steel, strong enough sharp enough to have a good fishing

Caution:The hooks on this product are extremely sharp, so please handle with special care.
Package Included:
1 × 40mm/4.5g  Fishing Lure

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